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The Argentinian case of has been mentioned as a case study in the A4AI Good Practices database:

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APC shares a brief of the work done in the last four years in relation to Community Networks.


Philippines government plans to build community-based cellular networks in remote areas


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A story from Lilian Achom (thanks for letting us share!) on her journey with AfChix, which includes her appreciation for four women-led community networks:

-Lanet Umoja Community Network (Kenya),
-Ait Izdeg Community Network (Morocco),
-Groot-Aub Community Network (Namibia) and
-WELM@ Community Network (Senegal)
as well as links to the Women’s Connect challenge work… Also shout outs to Tunapanda and Bosco Uganda! :slight_smile:


Connecting Bhutan’s remote locations with TV White Space
By David Dawson on 14 Oct 2020

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From @Nil and @cynthia:

For all of you who are considering producing material to create more visibility of bottom up connectivity strategies with all their social and technological innovations, APC and Rhizomatica’s Nils and Cynthia have put together a set of guidelines to facilitate your work:

This might be worth a read for more general content productions in communities…
We hope this material will be useful for your work.

KictaNet featured Zenzeleni work as part of a series about Community Networks.

Expanding the telecommunications operators ecosystem: Policy and regulatory guidelines to enable local operators.

Zotero list of CN resources - curated by Eric from Wakoma:

Zenzeleni highlighted as a case study in the Prosperity Fund annual report 2019 to 2020 - UK AID:

Check out Page 27

The Toronto Mesh Community Network (where @benhylau participates) has gone through a very interesting design process. It’s outcome is summarized in the documents and video stored here for public share:

I think it is an interesting design process that we could learn from, as it draws from many models like the canvas model, in a very direct and applied way.

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Read about the catalytic story by Associação Brasileira do Rádio Digital (ABRADIG)
and Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) of this community network using High Frequency or HF radio titled “Community Networks Stories: A digital communications system geared to the needs and local context of remote communities in the Amazon”

The original Portuguese version found here:

Dynamic Spectum Alliance Global Summit 2020 talk about Alternative Communication Models for Connecting Communities, where Community Networks are mentioned:

DEF organizes each year an event Called Community Networks Exchange (CNX).
These are the recordings of this year’s edition.

This year the Internet Governance Forum happened online, and so many good sessions about Community Networks happened.

Here you can find the one about Community Network, Electricity and Digital Inclusion, where policy was discussed!

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Contribution from Civil Society to Ethiopia Communications Authority Public Consultation on Universal Access Fund.

Contribution from Civil Society to Anatel’s, Brazil’s regulator, Public Consultation on simplifying the telecommunication operator’s licensing framework.

The Partnership for Public Access has released a declaration requesting to urgently get “Every Community Connected”:
The launch online session can be seen here:

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A paper about “Women and the Sustainability of Rural Community Networks in the Global South” written by Nicola Bidwell: