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Women* in Mesh Networks, a conversation facilitated by Isa at the Battlemesh 2019:


A lot of talks came out of BattleMesh 2019:

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Very interesting conversations about the social aspect of community networks and how they get intertwined with the technicalities of it, and the gender perspective of it, at the Battlemesh 2019:

SecureScuttleButt is a P2P Social Platform. This is an interview done to Dominic Tarr, its founder:

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ArchiveBox can help communities download a subset of the internet and have it offline for the community:

The Internet Freedom Fund is OTF’s primary way to support projects and people working on open and accessible technology-centric projects that promote human rights.

The LibreRouter project has released their community forum, were you will be able to find likeminded people to explore this community networks foundational technology.

Wow really nice project and documenting, thanks for sharing!

Some interesting talks streaming from FOSDEM this weekend:

Specially the " Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom":
Thanks Eric!

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In the last years there has been some tendency to centralize or concentrate power over core services on the internet. This affects Community Networks as if protocols become more and more centralized as they relay on them for their own local services they will relay more and more on infrastructure that is dependant on the wider internet, though having less autonomacy.
This article lays some of the explainations of this problem:

TVWS technology is seen as one of the more promising option to provide connectivity to non-connected . Since a decade expert are discussing about the TVWS potential and how it can be leverage to close digital gap in rural areas.
Now that more and more African countries are switching from Analog TV to Digital TV making VHF and UHF unused and technically available for sustainable TVWS solution is it not now the time to raise voice as activists to push regulators in the rigth direction for communities and not toward exclusively private sector?

it’s good news that Nigeria regulator is moving forward in that good direction. What about other countries in West Africa like Côte d’Ivoire where Analog TV switch over to Digital is effectively ongoing since 1 year, Niger, Ghana , Mali , Guinea…Etc
How to raise more vocal initiatives to ensure regulators will not forget again to ensure Required radio resource will be allocated and appropriates policy framework will be in place for best use of this opportunity for more connectivity inclusion and in the best interest of all including unconnected .

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The SecureScuttleButt community is gathering in MoinhoMesh were @luandro lives.

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The Open Source sustainability and interoperability support is open now!

TVWS standard for Uganda now formalized

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