Another Telecoms Policy article in press

Focusing on the USA, argues that the covid-19 crisis creates new reasons for policy support to local and community networks.

Scoping new policy frameworks for local and community broadband networks

SharonStrover, Martin J.Riedl, SelenaDickey

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Hi Claire. This looks very interesting, thanks for sharing it! I don’t suppose I could tempt you to post a pdf of the article for those of us without institutional access to Elsevier?

I believe its available on SSRN: Scoping New Policy Frameworks for Local Broadband Networks by Sharon Strover, Martin Johannes Riedl, Selena Dickey :: SSRN

Nevermind. false alarm.

No that’s it, or at least a preprint version. Thanks @innocentobijr ! It’s a good paper if somewhat US-focused as Claire points out.

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