Billing systems with mobile payment support?

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I am curious to know whether anyone has used a WISP billing system that has reasonable mobile payment support. This could apply generally but I am thinking of African mobile payment systems like mPesa, Airtel Money, MTN mobile money, etc.

Commercially available WISP billing systems with mobile payment integration oriented towards African mobile payment solutions are a bit thin on the ground. It seems like the closest to this is integration via PesaPal. There are also a number that support voucher systems which could be used as a mobile payment proxy. Here are the ones I have found that seem closest to a reasonable solution but perhaps I have missed some obvious choices?

Of the above, only Freeside is Open Source. There are some others listed at but the others listed there either seem expensive or don’t support payg.

Thanks… Steve

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I’d be interested in what you found (I started Lumeter, a leading supplier of PAYG technology in the energy space - now owned by Mobisol).

In some countries there are third party aggregators - KopoKopo in Kenya, Paga in Nigeria, who are generally easy to work with (and treat their API’s like paypal does) which is why you’ll usually see services work in those countries, but if you have to deal with a phone company its painful - the mobile phone companies, who make it VERY difficult to integrate, we did integrations in multiple countries, it never took less than 6 months, and not once did a phone company give us correct documentation on their API ! In no case did it take us more than a couple of days work to write the code, but finding the brain in the dinosaur took months.


There is a good summary of Kenya payment gateways at Many more than I was aware of.


Pyramite IT are the distributor for Splynx in Kenya (or perhaps East Africa) and claim to have full Safaricom/Mpesa integration as well as PesaPal support. They also support Radius Manager but describe it as a bit outdated.

I’m a little out of date (we sold Lumeter in 2017) but when we reviewed there were a number of gateways but most only really integrated with shopping carts, rather than the API-style integration needed for something like a captive portal. Also contrary to the article we found Kopokopo integration pretty smooth.