Bringing Technological Innovation into the Community Network (Equipment)

Hello Everyone,
My name is Herman Ramos. I work at InAGlobe Education. We aim to support different organizations by providing access to the resources available at world-leading universities and facilitate the development of technologies and technological innovation.
I am now working on bringing technological innovation into the community network, especially in the infrastructure in order to create low cost and more efficient equipment.
I have been in contact with the Libre-Router to understand more about their work, issues and innovations for the future. But it would be also good to hear from different people that have involved with community network about the issues and problems that can be addressed with technological innovation at the community network infrastructure (equipment’s, software/application, etc.).
In this way, we develop a survey and will be of great help if you could participate in order to hear more opinions and different perspectives. Feel free to share the link.

Hi Herman,
Thanks for sharing this survey link. I am interested to know more about the approach which you have adopted for this study. I am keen on contributing as well.

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Hello Dr. Sarbani,
Thanks for the answer.
Due to different configuration on CNs, it was not possible to describe all of them in detail. But is possible to find some similar equipment, materials (hardware and software) between them.
The approach used is more similar to descriptive study (identify the characteristics of a problem through description).

By providing a description brief about particular problems this can allow our organization to have an understanding of this specific issues, in order to provide this support.
We at Inaglobe provide technological innovation for free to organizations. We will be happy to collaborate and make design a solution to an specific issue.

Hi Herman, sounds like a really interesting study. If you haven’t seen it already, you might find some useful insights in the global study of community networks APC conducted in 2018/2019.

You can find it here: Bottom-up Connectivity Strategies: Community-led small-scale telecommunication infrastructure networks in the global South | Association for Progressive Communications


Thanks Herman for your reply. I filled in the survey. Hopefully more people will fill in and I am sure you will find the study useful and beneficial for CNs in the world. I however feel foundational technology is the crux of CNs and evolution of such technologies over years is a major thing to be studied.

Mike has suggested a few studies already conducted by APC.

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The cost of connectivity remains a big hurdle and even after paying for the subscription, the quality of service remains low. What technological innovations can help address these problems?

Thanks for the information Fantsuam.
Maybe we have to analyse what is making the quality of the service to be low.
If it is the the geographical situation (also distortion, obstacles), low quality of an equipment, or other thing.

Thank you Dr Sarbani and Mike,
I am going through the study.