Community Network in London

Hi everyone,

Inspired by the folks at Guifi and NYC Mesh I was having a discussion with some local people in South London and the question about why there’s no wifi mesh in London came up, has anyone from here thought about this or been presented with a similar challenge? If so I’d like to hear from you and see if we could perhaps make it a reality?


Met some great folks at recently. The boats network will be great if I can suggest it. Hope they will get some rights soon re aspirations (reclaiming commons by community of interest) instead of letting the municipality assert rights over commons

Hi Javi. Is your question more about why hasn’t anyone set up a community network in South London or more about why WiFi mesh technology in particular hasn’t been used?

Hi Javi, you might want to speak to some of the folks who started the WiFi network Consume in east London back in the late 90s/early 2000. I used it a bit back then. Maybe talk to Ben Laurie if you can track him down. Ben Laurie - Wikipedia
See the entry on Consume at Wireless community network - Wikipedia