Community Networks and Agro tech

Dears ,
I’m exploring various use cases of Community networks. One particular usage that get a lot of attention recently is Community Network as Agri-Tech enabler for Precision farming.
It combines various existing technologies ( IoT, Drones, AI, cloud, TVWS) in Low-cost approach to make possible data Driven Agriculture in the hands of every farmer.
Microsoft FarmBeats project represent a typical model but still on early stage and yet very expensive.
Does anybody has knowledge of a similar project? I will be fully thanks full to share on this matter.
Thanks advance.

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I think @vassilis with Sarantaporo Community Networks have explored it.

Hello Serge,

I would like to connect with you to learn more about your work.
I am currently conducting research on the intersection of agriculture and technology.
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Hi ZuriFI
Sure , pleasure would be mine.
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