Community Networks in South Asia

Are there anyone here that does community networks in Southeast Asia? I’m from the Philippines.

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Thank you for your questions. There are indeed Community Networks (CNs) in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is currently working with several of the CNs in the region, including those in India, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan. More information about this project is here ( Furthermore, there are active CNs in Nepal, Thailand, and other countries.
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Hello @jan.jansalin apart from what @talant has mentioned, there are also several SE Asia partners listed in the 2018 GISWatch book:

Just to name a few that are in the book: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Phillipines (do you know the UP - Diliman project?) and Thailand. Also, @mike- any other suggestions?

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Thanks Kathleen, here are some links and info on some of the interesting Asian projects i’ve come across.

Thailand: TakNet/Net2home -

Cambodia: Motoman project:

Indonesia: Air Putih -
Airwaves Mission:
Community LTE:


Nepal: Picosoft:

Papua New Guinea: IsiLink

Philippines: VBTS

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I also recently posted photos from the Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM - community network in Myanmar here: Descriptive videos about community networks