CoP 3 log | Local servers, services and content

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*** CoP 3 - Local services (billing, network management, content, local media)***

Billing and Network management (Tunapanda, La Difference, Wakoma, C-DOT(PM WANI)/BAIF, Asorcom, Servelots, UJRC)

  • What different billing platforms are in use? How does Pirania integrate with billing platforms? How to control QOS across the mesh network?

  • What accountability and billing strategies are needed in CNs and which are the usecases for them? (time bound, bandwidth bound, amount of traffic-bound, time bank-bound, …)

Content/local media (REDES, Servelots/Janastu, PsP, Sula Batsu, Intervozes, TIC, Altermundi)

  • What hardware/software options/use cases are there? What are the relative benefits of different offline and online application hosting management platforms such as Nimble, and Yunohost? What role for and other local content propagation tools such as SSB?

  • What services are wanted/needed (e.g streaming - audio and video, blogging, captive portal, educational platforms…)? How to do collective implementation, management and maintenance of them?

  • Is content/media production a way to also generate income for community members and engage youth, elders and women? How?

Captive Portal Pirania (Angie, Luandro, Altermundi, Coolab, potential India group) –

  • What are the captive portal development needs for LibreMesh based Pirania? Can they be integrated directly into Open-WRT or used with Ubiquiti and Mikrotik kit, what are the limitations of other commercial captive portals and how they integrate with LibreMesh?