Descriptive videos about community networks

Hi all, when trying to convey what a community network is or does, I’ve found a short video is the best way for people to engage. Over time, I’ve created a small set of videos about community networks, but I know there are many more our there. Here is my take, but it would be great to see it growing with others’ contributions:

Note that the list is more for videos describing the work of the organizations rather than technical videos explaining concepts, or discussion/presentations at conferences or events.



Thanks Carlos, very helpful.

Hello @carlos ,

Thanks for sharing these video links.
Our CN peers at ASORCOM Myammar recently posted these great links of their work. It is a mixture of video and photos, but it gives you a sample of the training and the hard work of putting up their tower!

  1. CN101 Tower building is here:
  2. . Basic Journalism Training (MOJO) creating local content:
  3. Wifi Networking Training:

Enjoy taking a look at their work! Please give ASORCOM credit if you use any of their photos or videos.

And here’s one about some of the project in Indonesia:

Hi @carlos
Here in the community we’re just making meetings to watch videos from community networks every Monday and we’ll start with this list.

And taking the opportunity to share our video PSP comunity network

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Thanks @hiure for sharing. I recognise this video from our previous meetings and I love the street get-togethers. Your community is quite amazing.

Also, another share is this video of the community network by indigenous people in Oaxaca, Mexico: