Dreams and the article "An Ethical Internet"?

Since I started meeting more people around the world who are building community networks I have a dream. The dream of reconnecting people through an infrastructure that we build ourselves, without the “big power owners”.
In my dreams the communication between me and my daughters’ school should not have to go through a server of one of the richest companies in the world.

And this text from Moya Bailey sums up my dreams and I would like to share those dreams here.


Thanks for sharing this @hiure! I love this line:

I imagine a future life on a server farm/commune where I tend to the whirs and beeps turned flashes of light, powered by the sun and wind. The community of server farmers exists on land in right relation with the traditional stewards of the region.

and the closing

If we are willing to slow down and move with intention, then we may be able to develop sustainable and non-exploitative internet infrastructures that attend to the people and resources throughout the digital supply chain.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about local-first services, that is to say internet services that are designed to be localised but are not offline. Localwiki was/is a great example of this. Each instance is designed to serve a local community and no more than that. Or Darius Kazemi’s Hometown, a fork of Mastodon that doesn’t federate.

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Yes, for me that is the apex of the text. And it is a dream that only a community network can achieve these days.

That’s cool, these are great initiatives.

We at coolab are trying to create our services based on community first protocols (Coolab / Api Portal · GitLab) , which serve different purposes, from chat to local commerce.
We created jurubeba.coolab.org with the intention to be a community portal to organize the services, and the idea is that it also works with the ssb protocol.
But more than that, the idea is that users share the responsibility of keeping each other’s data, but we can start another topic to talk about this.

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