Free Public Access as a COVID Response

Fantsuam Foundation wishes to set up the first free public access facility in our State as one of our CN services. The youths in our communities have to come to terms with studying online. Most of them do not own a smartphone. The Public Access will be opened for such students to access their educational platforms.

The frontline health workers in our communities, the first respnders to COVID crisis, are called Community Extension Workers. Most of them also have no digital literacy skills and facilities to enable them keep abreast professionally. The CN public access will be free for students and CHEWS while other users will pay for the access to help cover the costs.

Would members here be able to direct us to any potential funding support for this project? Thanks

John Dada


Hello John, it is good to read from you, and that you are taking care of your communities by supporting them with access to education.

Some important information that you can use are other initiatives that have done actions as COVID response:
In particular I can highlight you the ones done by some CNs:

As per access to funds, the ones that come to mind are:

A million thanks Nico. These are very helpful links for us