Funding opportunities for CNs and related topics

Funding opportunities need to get to us all the fastest, as we usually struggle with the deadlines of the calls, so I thought it would be valuable to everyone to have ha thread were we let each other know about opportunities that might be out there the earliest, so we can all be well prepared for them.

I will be posting the ones I find, I hope we can all do the same!


Starting with this thread, Bluelink shared with us that there is a call for solar energy projects in the global south, and as we all know energy is a prerequisity for connectivity, so projects could go hand-to-hand to provide energy and connectivity.
Deadline: March 7th.

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IEEE Funding - Up to $5K

List of previously funded projects here.


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Funding opportunity

NGI POINTER Open Call 2: Funding The Next Generation Ecosystem of Internet Architects
Deadline on 1st of April 2021: