Inserting tables on the WIKI

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Kindly assist on how one could go about inserting a table on the WIKI

Wikis have their own simplified codes for creating HTML. For this wiki (dokuwiki), table columns are separated by the vertical bar | and table header cells are separated by the caret ^. Thus a simple table would look like:

 ^ Header 1 ^ Header 2 ^
 | Cell 1   | Cell 2 |

It tables get complex, that can turn out to be a pain, so dokuwiki have included a GUI tool to help generate those tables. It is the second last button on the icon row at the top

When you click on it, it will open up a UI that will allow you to create tables more simply and visually.

Once created, you will see a Table Edit button directly under the table you have created (once you have saved your entry) so that you can edit the table directly in the same UI.

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Hi, can you share the link to the wiki page? Thanks!

Hi Alice, thanks for your question. You can find here: