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Let’s use this space to introduce us to the collective, so we know who we are talking to and who we can find around!

You can find out more of your peers my looking at their profile descriptions. You can find here a list of all of the members.

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Hi all,

I am excited to join this platform as I am currently ruuning projects to also connect rural areas, should you know anyone in Mpumalanga interested in or currently operating a CN, please let me know because ISOC South Africa Gauteng Chapter is planning to implement a Provincial CN summit in October 2019 - sccredited training with a local training provider and site deployments. If anyone is interested in helping or supporting this initiaive, please let me know, thanks.

Thato Mfikwe

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Welcome Thato!
I just moved your post to the Introductions thread to others can find it!
Thanks for sharing,

Welcome, Thato @thato . I look forward to hearing more about the work in Mpumalanga as it progresses as well as your current work with ISOC South Africa Gauteng Chapter. Also that is brilliant you are planning to host a South African provincial summit. Where are you getting the accredited training from? Is it accredited like a national SETA or accredited outside of South Africa? I look forward to hearing more!

Hi Kathleen, welcome!
It would be great to hear from you too :slight_smile: (mea culpa, also have to do my own introduction here!)

Kia ora tātou, hola amigos, hello everyone,
I’m Ben, from the Cook Islands and New Zealand. Many thanks to those who set up this group and great to connect with such a cool community (also happy to be reconnected to some of you after the Dweb conference early this year). I’m new to community networks but am excited about the opportunities it can bring in making digital solutions and information more accessible and I am currently working on a P2P platform for tribal communities with @luandro. I am particularly interested in connecting with anyone who is currently/previously/interested in connecting Polynesia or the wider Pacific Islands. :desert_island:
I look forward to learning from you all


Hello everyone!

My name is Magnus and I’ve been involved in different open source and free software projects (mainly delta chat and level modules in the node community). I’ve also been to a couple of BattleMesh, so maybe I’ve seen you there before.

I’m interested in networks in general and community networks in particular. I’d like to learn more about the whole shebang, everything from deploy of software, configuring hardware, climbing trees to set up antennas, general community work etc.



Its good to meet you all, - some for the first time, some I know from other projects.

By way of introduction to me and the project …

I’m at the Internet Archive, focused on how to make their content more available in places where the internet is slow, expensive, or censored.

The project is about a year old now.

The main part of the technical development is an offline version of our server working as a cache/proxy/crawler on machines as small as an OrangePi.

Another part is integrating into the emerging stack of content delivery integrations - I shared a bit about that stack on the call, and can upload the images here if there is a suitable topic.

And a third part is working out how to integrate the Internet Archive’s content & APIs with other systems (e.g. to make our content appear through other people’s UIs).

In terms of my background, prior to the Archive I built “Lumeter” which was a leading provider of PAYG technology for off-grid solar (mostly across Africa); I still do a lot of work supporting and mentoring innovators working on sustainable solutions that involve technology (for example I’m working with a team doing low cost water filtration with an initial market in Bangladesh), and a long time ago I was a co-founder of and co-author/contributor/editor of some of the early internet standards.

Looking forward to working with everyone


Hello, My name is Noela Tenku from Cameroon. I am an intern at GIZ, and part of the team under the project: Developing digital services for telecenters in Cameroon. Pleased to be in this community and open to learn what everyone here has been using for their community and how it works.


Hi everybody,
This is Leonardo from Italy. I am a professor at the University of Venice, and I was a coordinator of the research project on community networks.
I am also part of the ninux CN and friend of the nice people that every year I meet at the battlemesh. Thanks for setting up this space.