Plan to create a more private space for national consultation discussions

Hi all,

The discussion around the submission to the Kenyan regulator on TVWS regulation, which admittedly was mostly me, has made me think about the public nature of that discussion. Right now anyone on the internet can browse that discussion whether they are logged in or not. Part of me likes having an open forum but it is also true that we need safe spaces to explore ideas that may or may not be used in a final submission. With that in mind, I plan to create a new sub-Category under Policy & Regulation called National Consultations and make that group visible only to group members. If everyone is ok with that, I will then move the Kenya TVWS discussion into that category (and of course make all the discussants members as well.


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Hi Steve, I think it is a good idea to create that sub-category and move the discussion there. Maybe as a way of balance both is to make an announcement of the creation of the subcategory for any given consultation public, and the discussion private.



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OK, the Kenyan consultation has now been moved to a new sub-category, entitled National Consultations which is only visible to members of the policy-regulation group.