Technologies for Community Networks


Do you know technologies designed, developed or modified for community networks?
Hardware and software either appropriate, ad hoc, custom-tailored, altered, hacked or libre / open source technologies that are used on or built for community networks?

I’ve read about the awesome job people at Altermundi are doing on

Also according to Deutsche Welle Sysmocom is doing custom tailored GSM solutions which have been used on mobile networks in Oaxaca México.

There’s also Rhizomatica’s Hermes very interesting project.

It could be radio, cellular networks and wireless LAN networks.

Do you know more?



Just found Cloudy Linux distro for distributed Community Networks.

From the top of my head, don’t recall too many, but some specifically thought from and for community networks, and some by community network members:

Then there are many technologies that fit with Community Network values like decentralized local-first or local-only systems. And then members of community networks have also created their own technologies to deal with needs within their communities…
But those two are other stories :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! I’ll check those out.

There are also the private or self hosted services:

I guess all can be arranged according to a protocol or network stack?

Is there something like a public repo where community networks share their code? Something like

Muchas gracias Nicopace. If it’s ok i would like to hear more about that :stuck_out_tongue:

You will find tons of tools that could fit the needs of community networks… any free software stack would do.

There are many selfhosted services, like:

If that is what you are looking for I would also suggest you to look at:

I don’t think there is a source code repository specific to community networks. If you get to know, please share it here :slight_smile:

Personally I’m looking first for hardware, the lower layers of the networking part and administration interfaces, then user-end applications. This because all the middleware is less visible to the average user. But this thread could gather all kinds of hardware and software used on CNs.

From Rhizomatica’s website:

The APC list is a great resource but the last number I received was last December. Is it still active?