Traffic control on LibreMesh

People involved

  • New person likely (as new graduates are outflowing) - Servelots
    • and a documentation person will support this person (likely from Quest Alliance group)
  • TC Expert


Objective is to be able to manage the abuse of the mesh.

Some key usecases:

  1. users playing games when other users need latency
  2. users having problem browsing while others downloading torrents
  3. users organizing the use of scarse bandwidth

Secondary objectives:

  • document Pirania
  • Capture Servelots requirements for Pirania
  • and to pair program and work our way through it for COWMesh needs


Activity 1

Name: Colearning
Output: documentation
Completion date:

Activity 2

Name: Cowmesh requirements laid out
Completion date:

Activity 3

Name: Pirania for COWMesh
Completion date:

Activity 4

Name: Sharing it on a webinar and as a document
Output: Video of the webinar
Completion date:


The contractor will report to LocNet’s Coordinator Nico Pace [email protected]

Timeline and Contract Duration

The contract will be in effect from:
date: Aug 1, 2022
date: Dec, 2022

Payment terms and contract value

The value of this contract is USD XXX payable on completion of all deliverables.
50% payable on signing and the balance on completion of deliverables.


  1. Description. $ xx
  2. Description. $ xx


  • we need a tc expert… will look for that one. asked LOCNET team.
  • important to capture the needs from the networks, for some traffic shaping is lifechanging, for others unnecesary
  • Ger can commit one day per month
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Amuza (LibreMesh contributor) told me that he experimented with TC on LibreMesh and would be happy to jump in a call with us to share what he learnt.

Also the folks at URJC in Madrid have made proposals on traffic control/QOS over the mesh. Could be worth talking to Javier and Ignacio…

Would love to be engaged in this work. Let me know if and when you do set up a meeting. TC/QoS is an area of interest for me and would love to support work on it in LibreMesh and also learn most about contributing to libremesh.

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