Using trees as towers or tower supports

We could gather here experiences and ideas about putting antennas in trees, and putting poles, posts, or towers in trees so that they stick out above the canopy.

Here in the Amazon part of Ecuador, there are ceibo trees that grow taller than the rest of the forest. We see various challenges, and we’d like to hear how other people have dealt with these challenges.

  • There are many insects, animals, snails, and more living creatures in trees. How do you seal the equipment so that those creatures don’t get inside and damage the equipment?

  • Going higher than the highest tree, with a metal or bamboo structure, seems like a very good way to attract lightening strikes. Have you had problems with this? Have you installed lightening rods?

  • How do you climb and work in tall trees? Do you use rope and pulley systems, or nail boards to the tree, or something else?

Please share any experience or resources. Thank you :slight_smile:

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