Which mobile end user devices are used within your community networks?

Hi everyone!

As an outcome of contributing with the manyver.se open source p2p social network app, I have been reflecting about what end user devices are used within community networks.
In my experience the devices are spread across the board, and go from desktop computers of more than a couple years old, computers in community centers, personal smartphone per family member, to shared feature smart phone per family.

What I am most concerned about is to know which mobile phones are used in the communities, and try to know the most out of them, like:

  1. if there is a quintessential example of it (like the most broadly used one)
  2. which one is the less capable of them all that is being used within the community network

The motivation in particular to my request is to be able to battle test manyver.se based on the specific uses of the users of the CNs, but this can also be useful for us all to understand better who CNs are serving, and with what resources we count when we explore content creation, sharing and consumption, network maintenance and use, among others.

Would love to hear from you all @hiure @luandro @sol @lilichara @Lillian @Pum_Suan_Hang_Michae @wilsondanielg @suarezwilliamf @luandro (and everyone, of course!)



I see these models frequently in V-NET:

Galaxy A10, J4, A8, j5 prime
Huawei p10 lite, y7 prime, p smart, p8 lite, y6

How are you battle testing manyver.se for CNs?

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The commonest and most affordable in our communities of Nigeria are the Chinese-made TECNO smartphones. Folks have learnt to cannibalize and do all sorts of repair jobs on them: screen change, charging point repairs, flashing to erase all memory, etc