Community Networks Roadmap- Request for Comments

Hi CN global community,

For the past few years my colleague Dr. Michael Lithgow (at Athabasca U.) and I have been collaborating on the following document about the process of building community networks, based on past research and many conversations with Nicolás Pace, Dr. Philip Garrison, and others. With the help of designers Shraddha Kumbhar and Dr. Katherine Gillieson, we have finally come out with a version that looks good in print. :grin:
smallRoadmap.pdf (2.0 MB)

We wanted to post it here for the community; please feel free to post public comments here or email private comments to the author contact listed in the document or webpage.

In addition to the attached PDF, here is a website where we will keep download links and a link to a commentable version in Google Drive. We are working on a more “living” format than a PDF which will be easier to keep updated going forward. Please note the call-out on page 12 to add your CN to our living list.

Thanks all :slight_smile: