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Anyone have any suggestions for the most complete list of community networks around the world?

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Hi @mike - great question! Aside from the GISW2018 edition, which only really lists 40+ CN initiatives around the globe, it would be great to know whether there is a latest inventory of CNs! I am following this thread.

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There is a wikipedia list of wireless community networks by region. We could work on that although I would want to remove the word wireless from the title.


that looks like a great space to start @steve.
thanks for sharing this with us.

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@steve Thanks for sharing this wiki page. Would it be an issue to remove the word “wireless” from the title of that page as well as the linking page:

Or would alternatively, could we say in the text that wireless community networks has also expanded beyond wireless to include fibre or other types of community networks?

The wiki page would definitely need update because it is missing a lot of global South CNs, and it is dominated with the north american CNs.

It seems like it is possible to change the name but I haven’t done it before myself.

Another possibilities would be to make “Awesome List” on Github, such as the one I have done for Connectivity Stats, Maps, and Reports at

In general I think Wikipedia might be the way to go although their editing oversight can be a pain (although that may be mostly for new pages).

I started a last year during the Latin American Community Networks Summit. Would gladly take PRs and help maintain it.


Hi Luandro, welcome to! I love awesome lists and I like Wikipedia. I think the key difference between the two for our purposes is the amount of information that can be included in the directory. For wikipedia, it is up to the editors but for the awesome lists, it is quite strict about being a single brief sentence which describes why the item included in the list is “awesome”.

I really like that you have included community network technologies in the list. I wonder whether it would make sense to do both, that is have the awesome list focus on tools and technology that are ‘awesome’ for Community Networks and a wikipedia page for the directory of CNs around the world.

What do you think? Curious to hear other views.

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Hello everyone,

During the 30th CCC Congress in Hamburg, I gave a talk about communication between non-profit/DIY/community networks : Y U NO ISP
In our federation of francophone non-profit internet access providers, we launched a few years back a tool to map our communities, and to know roughly how many people are participating, and are connected : It’s been used by many orgs outside ours to declare their own networks.
Feel free to re-use data from this tool, there is a list of projects here and an API :
The tool itself is free software :

A comprehensive directory serving as a reference would be very much welcome.

Edit: fix link for 30C3’s talk


HI @taziden
Thanks so much for sharing the map to show the various non-profit internet access providers, especially in France. This is really great!

Could you please re-post the link to your talk in Hamburg? For some reason, I can’t seem to access it. I look forward to reading it! kathleen

On a somewhat related topic I’ve got a list on Git of various projects in the stack , focusing on the organizations and software rather than the end networks. It started with a list @mike gave me in email, but has a few more on it now .
The list is at and I’m happy to take PRs or add other people as editors.

I didn’t know there were rules to awesome lists, so I might have to rename it :frowning:

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Kathleen, Taziden, seems that link is made ‘unclickable’ by discourse somehow, but I found the talk and shortened the link here:

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Hi all! Please ask permission of the network before you advertise them publically - some networks might not want to attract attention - we need to be very aware of different political regimes and peoples’ challenges.


Neither did I. It is actually quite a process to get your ‘awesome list’ listed on the list of ‘awesome lists’. Some of which involves giving feedback to other awesome lists which is cool. But there is even an awesome-lint program which ensures your list is fully compliant… programmers gotta program. :grinning:

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Greetings All,

For the past few years we have been putting together a list of resources for/by Community Networks, which includes a basic directory of active projects. We’re using some of these resources to create an upcoming eLearning course, and just now starting to clean up the list for public access/use.

The simple list on GitHub can be found here, which pulls from a more comprehensive (and editable) spreadsheet.

Since many people can’t/don’t contribute on GitHub, our hope is that the community here (and elsewhere!) will make contributions to the sheet, which is much easier.

The list isn’t yet “awesome”, but we’re hoping it soon will be. -E

Other sites which might be of use:


Hey everyone! I started a list of community mesh networks:

My goal is to create the most comprehensive and up to date list, so if you are aware of any missing networks please let me know!

Great!! There’s also an ongoing list in Wikipedia:


On 20/01/20 11:27, Oliver via Community Networks wrote:

Hey everyone! I started a list of community mesh networks:

My goal is to create the most comprehensive and up to date list, so if you are aware of any missing networks please let me know!

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Thanks! A lot of the networks on that wiki page seem dead, but I think I added all the active ones.