LibreRouter v2 and LibreRouterOS

Hi folks,

I see that LibreRouterOS is still being actively developed – anyone know if a new release is on the horizon, given that OpenWrt 23.05 will be released soon? @luandro made a space to share firmwares for other devices, but no one else has shared there. Is anyone else using LibreRouterOS on other devices? Related to the OpenWrt/LibreMesh firmware building thread, @hiure.

Also, does anyone know if the LibreRouter v2 project is moving forward? I asked about it on the LibreRouter forum, but got no response for over a year.

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Hi @patogit,

Had the chance to meet with @spiccinini during the CoolabCamp this year, and he shared that the router’s development is advancing steadily, that the new prototype is being manufactured right now. I hope he can share the slides here.