OpenWRT/LibreMesh image building learning group


As part of the #cops:activeinfra community of practice, we have been exploring the possibilities of OpenWRT Image building in order to try to work on Expanding OpenWRT/LibreMesh hardware support .

We will be sharing a learning session facilitated by @hiure to learn together how to build images of OpenWRT and LibreMesh so we can incorporate our own packages and customizations.

In order to participate actively, it is expected to have an ssh client. If you use GNU/Linux or MacOSX, there is a high chance you already have it.

If you use Windows, you can download putty from here:

We will be documenting the process and build or enhance documentation along the way, so if you are keen to draw, do diagrams or document, join too!!

You can find the recordings here: APC Videos


The idea for tomorrow is to use librerouterOs repository and from there understand how we can create images for new devices like the tplink cpes

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What timezone is the talk starting at ?

12 UTC so 5:30 pm ist

The event shows in your own timezone. it is 12 UTC.

Some scattered notes we took during the session… if anyone want to improve them, please feel free to edit this post:

OpenWRT Image Building workshop

LibreRouter / LibreRouterOs · GitLab repository’

Clone the repository: run git clone LibreRouter / LibreRouterOs · GitLab. Then go into the repository directory with cd librerouteros.
Run ./scripts/feeds update -a to obtain all the latest package definitions
defined in feeds.conf.default
Run ./scripts/feeds install -a to install symlinks for all obtained
packages into package/feeds/
Run cp configs/default_config .config

Only If your device is not a LibreRouter, run: patch -p1 < configs/revert-cmdline-config.patch

Run make to build your firmware. De default options are already selected but you may want to change some of them, select new packages, etc. You can do that running make menuconfig. Then choose Exit and then Yes when asked if you want to save.

dont use arbitrarily:

web session read only: tmate • ro-7y9xLTTeSdbWmNGLqzaz45sq5
ssh session read only: ssh [email protected]
web session: tmate • M8aTPdhsby3PrWeBcMBUZrTH8
ssh session: ssh [email protected]

  • tmate screen adjusts to the common min resolution of the connected screens

    update system

sudo apt update

sudo apt install build-essential gawk gcc-multilib flex git gettext libncurses5-dev libssl-dev python3-distutils zlib1g-dev

check sys/version
cat /etc/os-release

  1. Clone the librerouteros repo
    git clone LibreRouter / LibreRouterOs · GitLab

  2. change the directroy to librerotoros
    cd librerouteros

  3. Update the system
    ./scripts /feeds update -a

  4. Installation
    ./scripts/feeds install -a

  5. Copy the configuration fil
    cp configs/default_config .config

  6. If you are using a device different from Libre Router
    patch -p1 < configs/revert-cmdline-config.patch

  7. To configure according to your needs
    make menuconfig

  8. Select target profile, save and exit

  • Target Profile (TP-Link Archer A& v5) → save → exit


Important lInls


issues earlier


Sorry to have missed this one. hope it was fruitful.

You can find the recordings here: