Expanding OpenWRT/LibreMesh hardware support

Start date: July 15, 2022
End date: Dec, 2022

People involved

  • Sanketh - Servelots
  • San?? (Altermundi)
  • Eric?


To do a workshop to undertand the firmware compiling process as a kickstart of providing support to new equipment.
This idea covers also Eric’s intention of expanding LibreMesh hardware compatibility list… it could be a complementary task.


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  1. Sharing it on a webinar and as a document


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Hello Dinesh

In the last libremesh meeting I proposed a similar idea! We wanted to look funds to do that from Coolab. We should cooperate on this. Besides the workshop and the work itself, we would also need money to buy the routers (which might get bricked in the process…)

Let’s talk



Hi there,

I’m [email protected]; I do lots of community-oriented board porting and would love to assist with a workshop as an instructor. I can also supply some hardware (shipping notwithstanding).

Edit: Of course, I would also enjoy attending for the sake of attending. I did see this thread, I’m going to try to join the event.

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Hi Hurricos. This is great info. Looking forward.
We are meeting 26th onwards online.

Thanks and more soon.

I was on my phone and i would not login here. The mail notice i got and i responded to it. That bounced! Here I am now. (I mean sorry about this enormous delay).

With your and Hurricos’ energy, we look forward to get started. Also @Eric and @nicopace and others being the constants!

:slight_smile: looking forward. We have our 1st work session scheduled for the 26th 12UTC

oh, I can’t make it a this time. I’ll see if other Coolab people can attend. Do you have a link for the meeting?

I would guess that by default this link would be meeting link Communities of Practice
@nicopace ?

The information about the OpenWRT/LibreMesh image building learning group meeting is in the event info, and the place is also specified there:

Please RSVP there :slight_smile:

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