OpenWRT Image building

Related to our project of Expanding OpenWRT/LibreMesh hardware support, many of you were interested in knowing how to build OpenWRT/LibreMesh images, and we were seeking a trainer for that.

In this process, I wanted to share with you my discoveries in relation to our objective of learning how to build OpenWRT images.

I found:

I would love to have your feedback on this, particularly if it is useful for your needs, or if it helps us in narrowing down what is that we actually need.

I feel that if we can reproduce this, we can focus then in understanding better the OpenWRT ecosystem and how to walk the path of adding support to a new device… and maybe seek for advice in this specific area…

A hard requirement to build an OpenWRT image is to have a reliable internet connection when you are doing it, as the process heavily relies on an internet connection to fetch different parts of the system source code at different stages of the process.