Universal and community network

the purpose of universal access program and community networks is the same. it is about digital inclusion. does it necessary to combine the policies together as one?

Currently, I am developing universal access where community network is mentioned.

Please advise

Hi Mohammed, it is great that you are working on it.
Many of us feel the same, and though they have similar objectives, they are not necessary the same.
It would certainly be great if they could be connected more, and more examples could appear.
As far as I know there are no examples of community networks that have been funded by Universal Service and Access Funds, but it would be great to be wrong.
I know that a lot of progress has been done in Argentina (with @jesica from Altermundi.net) and I know the South Africans have a very close relationship with the regulator, who might be a gate to having it working (@sol and @carlos might know more).
Also, @steve might have some insight out of the wiki.opentelecomdata.org website.
What is that you need advice about? maybe if you give us more guidance we can collectivelly support you. Thanks!

I agree we should be lobbying for universal service funds to include programs to support community networks. You are exactly right Mohammed, they have the same objective. However, it is also true that the situation varies from country to country. In some countries, universal service funds are highly political and fighting to access to funding through might be harder than approaching other elements of government.

Hi Mohammed, at the CN summit last year, you were with members of the USF from Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania, it would be interesting that you engage with them to make a common effort on making this happen. Let me know if you want an introduction.